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Wakamé mouse . daikon . fermented dashi


Fondue croquette . nato . watercress

Roots & cheese

Carrot & ginger . "plain" cheese . bergamot


Smoked beetroot . kidney beans . black garlic




Sorrel . vegan yogurt . celery


Mousseline of rapeseed oil . badger garlic paste . silken tofu

Celeriac & sea lettuce

White wine . seaweed . sea lavender


Merelbeke shiitake . potato puree 'Vlaamse klei' . spring onion

May turnips*

Turnip greens . mustard . fermented lovage juice


Baby rhubarb & sorrel


Textures of home-made white chocolate . puffed amaranth

Pralines & sweets


Cheese please*

Dessert with matured "Omage" . brioche . compote of pear & almonds

The seasonal menu consists of 11 small dishes.
From appetizers to savouries, desserts and some sweets.
You can supplement the menu on the spot with 2 extra dishes.

* Not included in the standard menu.

€ 95

Custom juices / wine selection

€ 35 / € 45

We work as much as possible with organic, high quality local ingredients
Please be sure to let us know any allergens or intolerances you may have, we will always adapt the menu to your needs.
On the spot, you can choose between non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages - always adapted to the accompanying dish.



We have 24 places available and we like to provide a personal service.
It is important both for us and our customers to make the best use of our capacity.

Therefore we ask you to buy a ticket when you make your reservation.
This is done automatically through our system, you can follow the required steps.
The ticket serves as confirmation of your reservation, the amount will be deducted from your ticket on the evening of your visit.

Reservations can be made up to 3 months in the future.
If you want to book after this period, you can do so for groups of 6 people or more.
Please leave your details on the
contact page.

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